About Us

Poise, Elegance, Charm, Grace, Enchanting… You are called by many names. You have enthralled artists with your sheer beauty and mystified the world with your pious heart. You are God’s most beautiful creation. Over the years, you have evolved into much stronger and confident being. Your sagacity and shrewdness has left the world in awe.

Yes, WOMAN, we are talking about you. We, at Silver Shoppee, design and create to adorn the precious You. You are our muse. Our Fashion jewellery, with base material Alloy and Gold and Rhodium plating, are Well-suited for woman of every age. Its Classy, Sassy yet affordable.

Silver Shoppee is one brand that stands for creative thinking and work culture that is true to the spirit of professionalism. Our craftsmanship adheres to the highest quality standards. Our meticulously designed creations are products of our artist’s vision and feedback of our valued customers that guide us through our journey towards excellence.


  • To become the world’s leading company in Fashion jewellery array.
  • To create our own niche in the world of e-commerce.
  • To protect the workers interests and work to enhance their personal and social well being.
  • To remain a loyal brand for our customers worldwide.


  • To provide a reliable customer – centric world class e-commerce platform for shopping for every occasion.
  • To efficiently integrate our designing and production with the customer support department to imbibe the valued feedback in the process.


We are here to compete with none but ourselves. Our creative pursuit knows no boundary and no competition. We draw immense satisfaction in our own journey towards perfection. Dedication, honesty, commitment and customer’s interests are always held higher than anything else.