Imitation jewelry has been in fashion for years, and for good reason! While yellow gold doesn’t always flatter every skin tone, Brass Alloy has a warmth and luminosity that works for anyone. It can also be easily accented with gold plating or rhodium electroplating, so your imitation jewelry will have the look and feel of expensive metals – but at a reasonable price. You can find imitation items in all levels of jewelry, from low priced jewelry knockoffs to high-end designer styles. Imitation is loved for its versatility, durability, and gorgeous glow.


Cubic zirconia jewelry (also known as CZ jewelry) provides an extraordinary alternative to diamond jewelry. CZs tend to have slightly less brilliance (sparkle) than diamond, while having more fire (flashes of rainbow colors). The overall effect is so similar to diamond that trained gemologists often require special equipment to tell them apart. Undoubtedly the best diamond imitation substitute available today, Cubic Zirconia has been established as an affordable diamond replacement as well as an important fashion staple in costume jewelry.


Many of our customers have collections of real diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, and estate jewelry. They shop at silvershoppee.com for imitation jewelry that can temporarily or permanently replace their current jewelry. If you plan to travel, you should consider a fake diamond engagement ring or a fake simulated diamond ring to wear while you’re away. You will still feel like you’re wearing your usual jewelry, but you won’t have to worry about your real diamonds being damaged, lost, or stolen. CZ versions of antique jewelry are also a great option, which lets you wear a sentimental style without potentially damaging or losing a valuable family heirloom or vintage piece.<br /><br />We also have many customers who buy CZ eternity bands to accent their real diamond wedding sets, and customers who buy fun wedding jewelry to mix in with their authentic rubies, emeralds, and platinum. Other customers purchase CZ costume jewelry for formal events, because they know they won’t wear the item more than a few times. Shopping for imitation jewelry can help you add fun, fashionable, new items to your jewelry wardrobe, and you can also have replacements or “back-ups” for your favorite everyday jewelry.


There are so many different styles of necklaces available, everyone is sure to find at least a few that they love! silvershoppee.com has the best variety, from charm necklaces to the pave set silver anchor necklace. We have decadent fake diamond necklaces, and simple designer inspired sterling silver pendants. A cupcake necklace can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, or the most dramatic part of your entire look. A new necklace is also the easiest way to stay in style, because the popular sizes and shapes change with every season. silvershoppee.com has the hottest designer inspired sterling silver necklaces, movie and TV inspired necklaces, and celebrity style necklaces.


Bracelets are one of the oldest fashion trends, showing up in historical accounts dating back to ancient times! Simple bangle bracelets are the most prominent, and a glance at any current red carpet shows that the look is still very much in style. Celebrities have been spotted wearing pearl bracelets, diamond cuff bracelets, and elaborate layered bracelets – and silvershoppee.com has faux versions of them all! CZ bracelets are a quick, easy way to add a punch of glamour to your outfit, and they’ll get noticed with every move of your hands. We also have an extensive collection of plus size bracelets, so every woman can enjoy high fashion discount jewelry!


CZ earrings are an easy, affordable way to brighten your face and get a burst of bling. silvershoppee.com offers traditional styles like CZ stud earrings, chandelier earrings, as well as other options like clip on earrings, magnetic earrings, and pearl earrings. Earrings are often the only jewelry noticeable in a headshot or close-up photograph, so make sure your ears have some sparkle to them! Our collection of earrings has styles for pierced and non-pierced ears, including magnetic earrings and screwback earrings. We also have fashionable dangle earrings and celebrity style leverback earrings!


Our CZ jewelry sets come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so there’s sure to be a Gold & Rhodium Plated jewelry set that you will love! Our CZ jewelry sets give you earrings and necklaces in one bundle at a discounted price, so buying CZ jewelry sets are a great way to get the most bling for your buck! We have celebrity inspired CZ jewelry sets, which are wonderful for parties or formal affairs. Our faux Emberld & Ruby CZ jewelry sets and faux diamond CZ jewelry sets are among our most popular. Unique styles like faux pearl CZ jewelry sets and faux turquoise CZ jewelry sets are also favorites for our customers. You can also enjoy pear cut CZ jewelry sets, round cut CZ jewelry sets, and cushion cut CZ jewelry sets. We have different shaped sets that you may like – from horseshoe CZ jewelry sets to anchor CZ jewelry sets, from peace sign CZ jewelry sets to starfish CZ jewelry sets. Top rated sets include star CZ jewelry sets, and of course, flower CZ jewelry sets. Don’t forget that you can shop for wedding CZ jewelry sets, as well. We even have layered necklace CZ jewelry sets, onyx CZ jewelry sets and baroque pearl CZ jewelry sets. You can’t find those just anywhere! Add our canary CZ jewelry sets, and you have the best selection online!